[OSM-dev] Mod Tile: Max Zoom Patch

Andreas Hubel andi at saerdnaer.de
Thu Sep 2 17:17:08 BST 2010


as im currenty experimenting with indoor maps i needed higher zoom levels. 
As i found out, Jonathan had the same desire a few month ago, an modified mod tile so, that there is no longer an hardcoded max_zoom values of 18.

I extracted the following patch from his work (currently only available as a public amazon ec2 image) which is part of the geopard project. [1]

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Its a diff between the current svn version of mod_tile (rev 22946) and an modified tested version.
The maximum zoom level can be changed in render_config.h by modifying the constant MAX_ZOOM

What is the standard way to get patches inside the osm repository?

Greets Andi

[1] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Geopard_Indoor_Outdoor_RTLS_%26_Mapping

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