[OSM-dev] Problem In Updating Map Data

Parveen Arora parveenaroraosm at gmail.com
Sun Sep 5 20:01:49 BST 2010

I am trying to update my map data as suggest by this community members.
with the help of Minutely Map with the following link:

But i am unable to go with it.
First of all i have done the initialization Step
export WORKDIR_OSM=$HOME/.osmosis

now directory created

But the next step I am unable to understand

osmosis --read-replication-interval-init workingDirectory=$WORKDIR_OSM

error: Command not found

I have also got this state.txt file with
 wget http://toolserver.org/~mazder/replicate-sequences/?2010-03-04T10:00:00Z
-O $WORKDIR_OSM/state.txt

but next step is again showing same error
osmosis --read-replication-interval workingDirectory=$WORKDIR_OSM
--simplify-change  --write-xml-change changes.osc.gz

Please do not consider me a highly professional developer of OSM
Because I am a student, and I am not able to solve my problems
so I am mailing here.

With Kind Regards
Parveen Arora

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