[OSM-dev] How to get non-technical users easily editing (offline)?

Sam Wilson sam at archives.org.au
Wed Sep 22 09:28:27 BST 2010

  On 2010-09-22 4:17 PM, John Smith wrote:
> On 22 September 2010 18:10, Sam Wilson<sam at archives.org.au>  wrote:
>> (This project, by the way, if anyone's interested, is to assist power pole
>> assessors in Western Australia; people who travel thousands of kms a month
> Are you planning to upload pole locations to OSM? The poles are of
> interest to some, but I'm thinking the pole reference numbers to
> lat/lon would be useful. Someone else expressed interest in emergency
> phone reference numbers, so they could be used to more quickly locate
> people, apparently private road ways don't need to supply this
> information to government.
Ultimately, yes, but although I've got this data now (for all 3,340,068 
of them), it's not allowed to be used.  It's awfully wrong, too, in lots 
of cases!  So, it's forming the basis for pole locating, and then the 
confirmed positions will come back, and hopefully be allowed to be used 
in OSM.  Even if the locations and reference numbers of the poles are 
held back, the other stuff -- roads, tracks, fences, gates, etc. -- will 
be fine to upload.

>> all over the state, driving all the back ways and small roads, and taking
>> note of fences, gates, power lines.
> Do these people keep GPS tracks by any chance?
Yes!  And they *used* to be accessible to me.  Recently, however, we 
moved to a different system, and I am still negotiating how they can be 
used.  I'm hoping to impress management with the pole locating stuff, 
and then they'll see the value of helping make the map better and better.

- Sam.

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