[OSM-dev] Spatialite in OSM context

Dane Springmeyer blake at hailmail.net
Thu Sep 23 01:45:45 BST 2010

On Sep 22, 2010, at 3:38 PM, Chris Browet wrote:

> Hi,
> I wanted to know if someone already used Spatialite in an OSM context?

Yes, Mapnik supports both SQLite and Spatialite through an SQLite datasource plugin.

You can push OSM data extracts from PostGIS to SQLite using http://trac.mapnik.org/browser/trunk/utils/pgsql2sqlite and its not too hard to touch up the few parts of the osm.xml that using postgres specific syntax so that the Mapnik layer definitions (SQL queries) are compatible with SQLite.

> For large datasets of OSM data, it seems to me like a good compromise between the heaviness of Posgresql and the verbosity (and memory consumption, as everything has to be loaded in memory) of XML.
> Thanks in advance for you feedback (if applicable).
> - Chris -
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