[OSM-dev] Completeness of the country dumps

Zbynek Winkler zbynek.winkler at gmail.com
Mon Sep 27 10:31:42 BST 2010


I am wondering about the country data dumps. I have already found out
that there are two ways how to clip the data to the bounding box
one used by geofabrik and other by cloudmade, but still...

The issue I am facing involves this example:


The link shows the bounding box used to clip the data in the dump and
a node that is within the bounding box but not in the dump. The node
has not been recently edited so no transaction isolation issues should
come to play. The geofabrik dumps clip incomplete entities so the
problem is slightly different but the result is the same - there is
not enough data in the dump to reconstruct the border of Czech Rep
even thought the missing things are within the export bounding box and
have not been recently edited.

Can anyone shed some light on this issue?


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