[OSM-dev] Attributes info in GPX track to upload to OSM?

Emilien Klein emilien+osm at klein.st
Tue Sep 28 21:00:52 BST 2010

Hi devs,

I am a happy user of OSMTracker for Android to record my GPS tracks.
However, once the GPX tracks are uploaded to OSM, the POIs show up
with the interesting part in the "name" attribute, like this:

ele: <number>
name: Post box

This happens because the info is saved like this in the GPX file:

       <wpt lat="LAT" lon="LON">
               <name><![CDATA[Post box]]></name>

I would love OSMTracker for Android to generate a GPX file that once
uploaded to OSM would already contain the right "osm-compliant" tags
("osm-compliant" as in "defined on the Map Features wiki page").
Quickly sifting through the GPX documentation [1], it seems to me that
such a thing is not directly supported (no custom-named XML node).

My question is if there's a way to make such a thing work. Some ideas:
- Is there any OSM-specific extension defined to pass such information?
- Or is there an agreed-upon way of putting that information in for
instance the "desc" element? I could imagine some kind of
CSV-formatted way of putting that info in the desc, like this:

               <desc>"amenity: post_box","OTHER_ATTRIBUTE:

In case such a mechanism does not already exist, would it be a
possible feature? This would come in handy for OSM-specific
applications (such as OSMTracker for Android. the original OSMTracker
for Windows mobile, etc) and would be beneficial to the users that
upload tracks to OSM.

FYI the original bug was reported at [2].


[1] http://www.topografix.com/GPX/1/1/#type_wptType
[2] http://code.google.com/p/osmtracker-android/issues/detail?id=55

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