[OSM-dev] Renderd problems.

Peter Körner osm-lists at mazdermind.de
Wed Sep 29 07:20:23 BST 2010

Am 28.09.2010 16:58, schrieb Samir Faci (Dev):
> When I tried to use render_list to regenerate all the usual tiles
> (that I care about 0-13).
> It gets to up to lvl 10 then almost dies.  When I tried to run just
> level 10 it dies almost immediately.
renderd is not able to handle such big queues. In our tests it started 
to die at 1000 metatiles in queue. z0-13 for the whole planet are 21848 
metatiles, z0-13 would be 1398104 metatiles -- so much more than renderd 
can handle.

We used tirex instead and it's rendering queues of 25000 tiles and more 
in the background while still handling live traffic.


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