[OSM-dev] osm2pgsql "intarray contrib module loaded"

marqqs at gmx.eu marqqs at gmx.eu
Mon Aug 8 18:08:26 BST 2011


After starting this command:

osm2pgsql/osm2pgsql -s -C 3000 -d gis -U gisuser -S default.style gis.osm

I get this output from osm2pgsql:

osm2pgsql SVN version 0.80.0 (32bit id space)
The target database has the intarray contrib module loaded.
While required for earlier versions of osm2pgsql, intarray 
is now unnecessary and will interfere with osm2pgsql's array
handling. Please use a database without intarray.

Does anybody know what to do? Should I switch off the Intarray extension in postgresql? If yes, how?


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