[OSM-dev] osm2pgsql: parse-xml2.c:100: StartElement: Assertion `xlon' failed.

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Aug 12 07:38:18 BST 2011


Jonas Häggqvist wrote:
> Well. Maybe. This changed caused nodes to not be deleted from my 
> database, since I was applying a bbox the change was getting discarded 
> since the bbox check failed.
> So either the lon/lat *is* needed, or the bbox check should be skipped 
> for the delete action. Someone with more smarts than me should decide 
> which option is smarter.

This is a good observation. I hadn't thought of that at all and have 
reverted the change in question for now. (The best solution would 
probably be to assume that a node is at -999,-999 if it has no 
coordinates or so but I wasn't sure if that would have any side effects.)

Applying bboxed diffs in slim mode is a bit of a problem anyway since it 
will fill up your _ways and _rels tables with objects outside your bbox 
(issue discussed here several times) and you'd have to run a delete 
command every so often to get rid of them.

> This optimisation/problem does not exist in the 64-bit branch that got 
> promoted to the current version recently.

An oversight on my part, I should have added that to the branch too. But 
now it saves me the revert ;)


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