[OSM-dev] abstract to mod_mapnik_wms

Peter Körner osm-lists at mazdermind.de
Wed Aug 17 09:21:29 BST 2011

Am 17.08.2011 10:15, schrieb BG:
> is there any possibility to add an abstract to the mod_mapnik_wms
> capabilities?
> I found the mod_mapnik_wms.so, but if change the data, apache wont restart.
> There is <service><title><name> - but wish to have abstract, keyword
> list, contact and the one.
> Is this possible with the mod? If not, which mapnik wms / wmsc is usable ?

Looking at the source it seems, that the XML is pretty hardcoded:


So to add additional tags, you'll most likely have to modify the source, 
add some more options and render them into the XML.


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