[OSM-dev] update tiles -> wmsc/wmts

Peter Körner osm-lists at mazdermind.de
Fri Aug 19 15:14:15 BST 2011

Am 19.08.2011 16:01, schrieb BG:
> Hej.
> I know there is a way to update old tiles using tirex with expire, so i
> read.
> Is this possible for wmsc and wmts (or tms), too?
> I think there is no problem to automatically update the database via
> osmosis (or something else) but i dont have a clue updating the tiles
> using the cached/tiled web map services.

Shouldn't it be enough to delete old tiles? The wmsc should then refetch 
the tile, shouldn't it?

You can get a list of affected tiles using the osm2pgsql expire-list 
feature, but you will need to change the paths to match your local setup.


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