[OSM-dev] Proposal for OpenMetaMap - proper OSM import solution

Stefan Keller sfkeller at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 14:23:42 BST 2011

Hi Frederik

Nice you join here, since we already talked little bit about this it's before.

2011/8/21 Frederik Ramm <frederik at remote.org>:
> Hi,
> Stefan Keller wrote:
>> What about storing the object ID (and the link properties) directly in
>> the OSM object?
> Wasn't the idea of *not* polluting the OSM database with external reference
> data at the very core of Jaak's proposal?

"Polluting" sounds to me a little undifferentiated. Maintaining such a
tag would support simplicity - and that's (another) core design

The proposal has a charme because it allows degrees of objects
"mixing". To me the two use cases EXTERNAL and MERGE cover perhaps
quite some ideas I have in mind or heard about (the cases
IDENTICAL/INTERNAL are self-evident for the OSM community :->).

Other question (to Jaak an all): How much development is already
committed to this interesting project proposal?
I'd like to experiment with aspects of the project in a semester thesis.
=> Any ideas what could be exerimentally implemented (like the
OpenMetaMap API constrained to node/point/POI objects)?

Yours, S.

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