[OSM-dev] e-control.at (Spritpreisdatenbank) <-> Nominatim

Andreas Labres list at lab.at
Mon Aug 22 13:38:17 BST 2011

On 22.08.11 14:17, Brian Quinion wrote:
> They were putting through around 250 search requests per SECOND using
> what looks like a broken autocomplete implementation.
> I had to take emergency action to restore the service.

Thanks for pointing this out.

> I'd be grateful if you could pass this on to your contact at
> e-control.at - once they have fixed their problems I'll happily remove
> the block.

I don't really have a contact (they only called me by phone), but I've sent to
their office address.

This database was developed in mandate of the Austrian government
(Preistransparenz-Gesetz des Ministerrates), but they obviously did many things
wrong, they already had much bad press... it was completely under-dimensioned
and obviously the programming was bad, either.

What means of contact should I give to them? Right now I pointed them to

Frederik, should I give them your Geofabrik-contact for selling them some clues?


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