[OSM-dev] New transport layer

marqqs at gmx.eu marqqs at gmx.eu
Mon Dec 5 14:51:24 GMT 2011

Hi Andy,

thanks for your work, it's good to have a transport layer in official OSM map now. :-)

I'm still not sure what you want to display on the map. Is it the Hardware (e.g. rails, streets) or is it the "Software" (transport lines, etc.)?

An example:
For buses you show the bus LINES, for railways you show the RAILS. There are tons of railways which aren't really in use (some of them temporary for goods, some of them never). Please compare the transport maps (example region Upstate, NY):

Official transport layer:

trolleybuses, trams, ferries, aerialways, etc.:
I'll be happy to help with the openptmap's Mapnik style file if you like. Examples:

Arealways: http://openptmap.org/?zoom=15&lat=46.21553&lon=7.82773&layers=B0000TFT
Trolleybuses (dark red): http://openptmap.org/?zoom=14&lat=47.37499&lon=8.53419&layers=0B000TFT


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