[OSM-dev] New transport layer

Iván Sánchez Ortega ivan at sanchezortega.es
Mon Dec 5 15:44:57 GMT 2011

On Lunes, 5 de Diciembre de 2011 11:05:34 Andy Allan escribió:
> Ah yes - I forgot to report back that I had fixed it. Thanks to
> Laurence for some off-list help with this - I've switched to a
> different font now that isn't so messed up.

Oh sucks. The old font was cooler. Any chance it can be fixed?

On Lunes, 5 de Diciembre de 2011 15:51:24 marqqs at gmx.eu escribió:
> I'm still not sure what you want to display on the map. Is it the Hardware
> (e.g. rails, streets) or is it the "Software" (transport lines, etc.)?


Bus routes are too prominent - I would expect a finer line, and maybe some 

Plus, one-way arrows, öpvnkarte-style.

Besides, I encourage you to have a peek into my hometown's transport maps:


Particularly, the series-3 25MB monster, or some of the smaller Series-5. Note 
the different color for the regular(red), intercity(green) and night(black-
yellow) buses, how the subway/light-rail lines/routes are even more prominent 
than bus routes, the one-way shields, the line numbers on subway stations, and 
whatnot. They're worth a look, really.

Anyway, back to the point: note how the bus route lines are thinner than the 
road itself. The current equal-width transport map can be confusing (Is that a 
road, or is it something else?)


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