[OSM-dev] Osm2pgsql failure with low-end server

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Dec 11 18:57:51 GMT 2011


On 12/11/2011 02:31 PM, Martijn van Oosterhout wrote:
> And my final question was: why do polygons need post-processing after
> a normal import. I can't remember the reason... If they don't then we
> can solve the problem even quicker....

I would neither say the *need* postprocessing, nor am I the author of 
the current multipolygon handling, but the reasoning is as follows:

1. I import a closed way tagged landuse=wood and create a polygon.
2. I import a closed way tagged natural=water and create a polygon.
3. I import a relation that has the first way as "outer" and the second 
as "inner". I now either have to remove the polygon from 1, replacing it 
with one that has a hole defined by 2, or else I have to delay polygon 
creation until after all relations are read.


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