[OSM-dev] 0.6 API read load balancer/proxy prototype with lower limits

sly (sylvain letuffe) liste at letuffe.org
Thu Dec 22 13:52:00 GMT 2011


Following :

I've set up a read load balancer/proxy to the main OSM API 

Better than a thousand words, here it is :

It should be usable wherever any osm editors, tools, bulk downloader use 
- For example, you can put this adresse in JOSM F12 -> connexion -> API url
- It only supports the France area for now (it's a demo)
- You need valid credential at the 0.6 API dev server : 
api06.dev.openstreetmap.org if you want write operations to work

In a few words "why" :

The main API server is applying sanity restrictions in order to limit per IP, 
per area or per elapsed time calls sent to it. This simple proxy is reducing 
such calls by answering the data request calls itself. It's only a prototype 
showing one solution among many others to accelerate read calls and reduce 
load on the main API server.

In a few words "how" :

When handeling a request,  any of map, node, way, relation, nodes, ways, 
relations and capabilities GET calls are converted to the overpass API 
syntaxe and forwarded to a local (or even could do to a distant) overpass API 
When handeling any other PUT, POST, DELETE, WHATEVER or GET requests, it 
forwards the call to the 0.6 API dev server acting as a transparent proxy as 
much as possible.
Advantage beeing that no modifications are needed in the client if it supports 
the 0.6 API (beside changing the target URL of course)

note: Your credentials are clear text transmitted to my server, but no storing 
is done (you'll have to trust me or use unimportant credential from de dev 

note: the dev server does not have a live copy of the main osm API, so any 
modification done to existing data will fail with a version error (you have 
to create fresh data to test it)

note: please DO NOT try to force re-upload to the live API unless you are very 
sure of what your datas looks like, because I suspect a few bugs to still be 
hidding around

qui suis-je : http://sly.letuffe.org
email perso : sylvain chez letuffe un point org

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