[OSM-dev] Christmas present ....

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Sat Dec 24 14:31:10 GMT 2011

Am 24.12.2011 15:24, schrieb Stefan de Konink:
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> Op 24-12-11 15:19, Simon Poole schreef:
>> You did read the information displayed before you viewed the map?
>> :-)
> Actually I did:
> "hide objects that were created by mappers that have not agreed to the
> OSM contributor terms, exceptions below"
> So that means that if I created an object, I'm in The Netherlands, it
> should be hidden right? Given that I still can't agree to the ODBL.
If you believe there is an error, please give me an osm object id and 
I'll check (note that if it was tagged with natural=*, it will still be 
displayed as documented).


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