[OSM-dev] Completeness-checking scripts

Josh Doe josh at joshdoe.com
Mon Dec 26 12:51:38 GMT 2011

By completeness-checking I mean comparing OSM data to an
"authoritative" data source such as UK OS Locator (bounding boxes and
names for roads), a comprehensive list of businesses provided by a
trade association, etc, and somehow producing an analysis of the
differences, whether it be a map, a list, or even a summary by
county/burough. Of course a difference does not mean OSM is wrong. :)

I'd like to know of any completeness-checking scripts that might be
out there that aren't documented on the wiki:

I'd be happy to add to this list. My interest is in comparing my
county's data to OSM, for schools, parks, streets, and other features.


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