[OSM-dev] How did Mapquest do the localized rendering schemes?

ikonor ikonor at gmx.de
Tue Dec 27 11:05:35 GMT 2011

Hi Stephan,

I don't know about the rendering process, but the Mapnik styles are 
available at Github [1] and there are three different styles for US, UK 
and EU.


[1] https://github.com/MapQuest/MapQuest-Mapnik-Style

Am 27.12.2011 00:02, schrieb Stephan Knauss:
> Hi,
> the featured image shows a mapquest rendering that applies different
> styles based on the region.
> As it has the same font problem than mapnik I assume it's mapnik.
> How did they do the localization? Adding a boundary check to every way
> query? Sounds expensive. Also the rendering rules would explode if
> applied to a lot of regions.
> Is it documented somewhere how they did it?
> Stephan
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