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Irakli tbsgeomos at gmail.com
Sat Feb 5 14:53:24 GMT 2011

Hi I’m new user and I have some questions

Is it possible to receive the map of the whole territory of country for
example* *Armenia * * in easy editable format in order to edit without help
of your site.

For example in PDF and with different layers in order to have possibility to
edit map part by part. For example to change names of the streets - it means
the whole map divided to the layers in order to correct mistakes and to edit
my own information.

I can confirm that changes or additions will be made.
Especially the most important question I am interested in is the legal one,
on your site I could not find the information about it. I would like to use
it in my own commercial purposes and in printed format. How I can receive
the right for it?

If you will transfer the information in convenient format to me, from my
side I can confirm to specify the reference to you in printed version or to
refer that this map was done and changed with your cooperation.

Who can give me written permission to use map in commercial purposes and how
it should be look like?

Shortly - what I should do in order to have right to use map in my own
commercial purposes.

How I can receive it in convenient file in order to edit.

Sorry, if you have answers at my questions already on your site, I just
could not find them.

If this e-mail sent to wrong address, please give the right one.
Looking forward to your answer.
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