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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Feb 5 16:30:06 GMT 2011


Irakli wrote:
> Is it possible to receive the map of the whole territory of country for 
> example* *Armenia * * in easy editable format in order to edit without 
> help of your site.

You can download the data (download full planet file and extract with 
Osmosis, or download suitable extract - see Planet.osm on Wiki). Then 
you can edit it with an OSM offline editor e.g. JOSM, and make maps from 
it with a renderer e.g. Maperitive or Mapnik.

> For example in PDF and with different layers in order to have 
> possibility to edit map part by part. 

Mapnik can generate SVG and PDF, but not with different layers. 
Maperitive can generate Illustrator files.

> Especially the most important question I am interested in is the legal 
> one, on your site I could not find the information about it. I would 
> like to use it in my own commercial purposes and in printed format. How 
> I can receive the right for it?

You already have the right, through our CC-BY-SA license. But the 
printed map you produce will have to be licensed CC-BY-SA as well (i.e. 
everyone who buys it from you can use it as they please, e.g. make copies).

See also my answer to your very similar question on legal-talk.

> Who can give me written permission to use map in commercial purposes

Nobody will give you express permission.

> If this e-mail sent to wrong address, please give the right one. 
> Looking forward to your answer.

It would be sufficient if you settled on *one* address to send your 
question to.


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