[OSM-dev] [Tilesathome] t at h/osmarender being phased out (at least from my side)

Dirk-Lüder Kreie osm-list at deelkar.net
Thu Feb 10 19:41:40 GMT 2011

Am 08.02.2011 16:49, schrieb Sebastian Spaeth:
> Let me know what you think and how we should be proceeding. If you
> volunteer to take over something or want to be involved in an effort to
> reorganize things speak up.

You don't need to stop your renderers, it's still a tileserver with
current tiles for Applications that need to download large quantities of
tiles without putting that load on the osm.org tileserver.

It's just that Spaetz, and to some extent I, have other stuff that we
do, and Osmarender/Tiles at Home does run well without much work from our side.

That means, that the Tiles at Home project will phase out itself, when we
finally don't have any time for it anymore and something major breaks.

That is, unless someone from the community steps up and takes things over.

The problems with that would be A) the server was granted to spaetz, and
not the Tiles at Home Project, so whoever takes over server maintenance has
to find another server.
B) the client software is quite complex, and anyone taking over that
would have a steep learning curve, but I am willing to help with that,
as I am the one dev that kept at it from nearly the beginning until now,
so I'm in a good position to explain why things are done the way they are.

So, we will not actively start to shut everything down, but let it run
until something comes up that requires too much effort to fix.
I would assume the remaining lifetime of Tiles at Home can be measured in
years rather than weeks.

Happy rendering.

Dirk-Lüder "Deelkar" Kreie
Bremen - 53.0901°N 8.7868°E

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