[OSM-dev] OSMembrane - GUI front-end for Osmosis

Tobias Kuhn tobias at osmembrane.de
Wed Feb 16 12:05:21 GMT 2011

Hello OSM community,

we're three students which had to develop a *Graphical Interface for 
Osmosis* during a practical task. This task now is finished and we'd 
like to release our product to the real world and see whether the world 
needs it or not.

The program is written in Java with Swing and named OSMembrane, the name 
is a pun on Osmosis and semipermeable membranes. It is available at 
*http://www.osmembrane.de/* (the site is in English)

<http://osmembrane.de/>There you can obtain the latest executable 
release as well as the source code and project managment. It's licensed 
under the GPL to be compatible with software already present in OSM. The 
Osmosis tasks are included via an XML file so it is extendible. 
Currently supported locales are English and German.

We're primarily interested in feedback for OSMembrane: Do you like it? 
Do you need it? Will you use it in the future? What's good and what's 
bad? So please don't hesitate to post your thoughts, a lousy answer is 
better than none. :)

And additionally, since we won't be able to spend too much additional 
time on this project we'd also like to offer the possibility to maintain 
the project and continue the development, if anyone likes to.


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