[OSM-dev] Multipolygon processing (was: osm2spatialite!)

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Feb 18 09:21:45 GMT 2011


On 02/18/11 10:16, Jukka Rahkonen wrote:
> Once you have found a perfect solution, how about placing it somewhere in
> front of the OSM database instead? Wouldn't it be better to prevent OSM
> users from inserting invalid multipolygons than try to fix them temporary
> every time they are used?

No, for several reasons. One of them is purely technical; if you wanted 
to disallow the creation of invalid multipolygons, whenever a user does 
something as simple as changing the position of a single node, the 
database would have to find out all ways using that node, and all 
relations using one of these ways, and compute the polygons for them and 
find out if that single node move has maybe caused an intersection to 
appear. That would take way too much time!


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