[OSM-dev] Some Questions about the Collaboration of OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia

Zhijie Shen zjshen14 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 24 15:16:40 GMT 2011

Hi developers,

I'm student who is currently working on using OpenStreetMap to facilitate
our project. Now I want to retrieve Wikipedia entry from OpenStreetMap to
fertilize the data source for our project. To do this, I crawled OSM data,
and found there are few wikipedia tags in my test region (Singapore
downtown: minLon=103.84051, maxLon=103.86137, minLat=1.28026,
maxLat=1.29298). On the other hand, there are plentiful wikipedia entries in
the same area on Google Map. Hence, I guess that the wikipedia entry on
OpenStreetMap is added manually. Am I correct? Also, I'm eager to know
whether there is any automatic wikipedia entry recognition tool for
OpenStreetMap, in case I'm not aware of them.

I've also read some articles that introduce the collaboration of
OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia, such as
One interesting thing is that I found there is a mirror OpenStreetMap:
And I found there are far more wikipedia entries than those on the main site
in my test region, though entry size is still smaller than that on Google
Map. So, does this mirror site use some additional techniques to discover
wikipedia entries? or is the data source of the mirror site is a bit
different from that of the main site?


Zhijie Shen
School of Computing
National University of Singapore
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