[OSM-dev] Rendering of "surface"

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Jun 2 21:55:19 BST 2011


    there's a guy on help.openstreetmap.org named "Ursus" who seems to 
be in real pain to have some kind of rendering of the "surface" key on 
the Mapnik map, or at least an answer to his question whether this will 
ever be done.

I've closed two of his questions as I believe that help.osm is not the 
place to follow up on seemingly abandoned Trac tickets.

Could someone of the Mapnik rendering team perhaps tend to


- and either say "yes we'd welcome a patch" or say "no thanks, we 
thought about it and we believe that rendering surface would add too 
much clutter". (If I were in charge I'd say the latter but I don't want 
to pre-empt anyone.)

Btw. there's a surface view on ITO:


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