[OSM-dev] ogr2osm.py error message

Samat K Jain lists at samat.org
Sat Mar 12 02:48:33 GMT 2011

> here is what's around line 594 in the script:
> print
> print "Simplifying line segments"
> for line in lineSegments.values():
>     #print line
>     for segmentID in line:    # No need to check the last segment, it could
> not be simplyfied
>         #print segmentID
>         #print segmentNodes[segmentID]
>         for nodeID in segmentNodes[segmentID]:
>             simplifyNode(nodeID)
>             #simplifyNode(segmentNodes[segmentID][0])    # last node in
> segment
> Thanks for any help!

I've seen this a couple times before too. I haven't cared enough to investigate what's exactly going on…

But to make the error go away, change that 'for' statement on line 594 to:

  for nodeID in segmentNodes.get(segmentID, []):

The side effects depend on your data. Make sure to check for problems.

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