[OSM-dev] Develop a Simple Mapping Tool for Mobile Phones SoC 2011

Yarik Iaroslav.Sheptykin at hs-bremen.de
Mon Mar 21 16:11:12 GMT 2011

Hi, Zhijie Shen! Hi, All!

        My name is Yarik. I am a master student at HS Bremen, Germany.
        I want to shoot a clarification question:
        I hope I got the point right. I have checked the page listing
        SoC 2011 ideas and came across this one:
        "Develop a Simple Mapping Tool for Mobile Phones SoC 2011".
        Sounds as an interesting project.
        As I understood from other wiki pages this is one of the
        "suggested" ideas from the OSM mentors to be implemented. Is
        that right? Or is it your idea that you want to apply with for
        the SoC?
        In case it is, I would be very much willing to work on this one.
        Otherwise, there are also some challenging TODOs. 

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