[OSM-dev] Develop a Simple Mapping Tool for Mobile Phones

Yarik Iaroslav.Sheptykin at hs-bremen.de
Tue Mar 22 15:42:03 GMT 2011

Dear all!

        I am new to the developers list so lemme first introduce myself.
        My name is Yarik. I am 24. Study Digital Media at HS Bremen /
        Bremerhaven. The main topic of my studies are location based
        mobile games (like Foursquare). Currently I am writing my thesis
        about landmark identification using these sort of games. 
        I am considering myself more of a programmer, therefore
        development of osm interests me for quite a long time. But SoC
        actually did the magic kick and led me to the page with
        implementation ideas.
        Checking those ideas out I have found an idea to "Develop a
        Simple Mapping Tool for Mobile Phones". Mostly because of rich
        previous experience, I find it very interesting and would love
        to work on a tool like that within our outside of the SoC.
        Unfortunately I'm a newbie to osm and therefore I cannot judge
        myself the importance of this sort of tool for the osm
        community. Do we really need it? I have seen similar efforts
        from the last SoC.
        Did they fail? Does it need to be further developed?
        I have also seen several other tools with similar functionality.
        How do you think does it make sense to keep up with the
        investigation of those and submitting the solution idea?

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