[OSM-dev] Tirex and postgres seem to become disconnected

Stephen Westrip steve.westrip at metafour.com
Fri Mar 25 16:32:07 GMT 2011


I posted an entry a while ago asking for help regarding the rendering of
high detail tiles that always timed out. I got some helpful advice and I
have done some further investigation it looks like the Postgres process,
which is on a separate server, get disconnected from the Tirex process
before either has timed out. What I am seeing is the Postgres processes on
the database server running for many minutes and the Tirex processes on the
rendering server timing out after 10 minutes (the default in tirex.conf). It
also looks like the Postgres process, before the Tirex process times out,
disconnects from the Tirex process.

What all this means is that I cannot render any tiles from levels 1-12 and
that the database server gets very overloaded with Postgres processes. Does
anyone have any ideas as to what might be causing this and more importantly
does anyone know how to fix it!!?

Many thanks,
Stephen Westrip
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