[OSM-dev] Multiple instances of Renderd?

Peter Körner osm-lists at mazdermind.de
Wed Mar 30 16:55:20 BST 2011

Am 30.03.2011 15:12, schrieb Jason Lee:
> Thanks again guys,
> What you say makes sense Frederik, so the question I have to ask myself
> is how many threads I should have. As I have 8 virtual processors I
> guess that means 8 threads.

Out 8 core is able to render 2 tiles in parallel without dying, because 
the disks are slow. CPU is over all not the problem but disks. On the 
other 8 Core in the toolserver Cluster (with fast disks) we use 6 render 
processes, as the database and the especially the updates need cpu time, 


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