[OSM-dev] [Strategic] OSM front page discussion and user survey results (with pictures)

Kai Krueger kakrueger at gmail.com
Sun May 1 20:37:08 BST 2011

Should we not move the discussion about the details of the 
OpenStreetBugs implementation from the strategic mailing list over to 
the dev list? (which I have CCed)

It seems there is general consensus about that if technically done 
correctly, an instance of OpenStreetBugs integrated into the main page 
would be welcomed and useful, so the strategic aspect is done and we are 
now well into the implementation phase.


On 29/04/2011 13:55, Steve Coast wrote:
> So I played with it, it looks pretty good. My changes would be
> relatively minor, plus some questions.
> * Only let me enter bugs when zoomed in a fair way
> * Don't show me all the bugs just by default on the map.
> * I really don't believe in having to click the map again to enter a
> bug. My mum would be confused. Just use the center point of the map. So
> the model is, click to enter bug, popup, it says "be as descriptive as
> possible", done. The extra click makes a lot of sense for you and me,
> but not someone new. I know there are a ton of "but, but, but" arguments
> against this, but really, simple is _so_ much better.
> Now questions
> * I'm assuming the API looks sane?
> * I'm assuming the data is all going in to whatever rails db is talking
> to, not some magical special other db?
> * I'm assuming there has been some cross-browser testing?
> * I'm assuming there is a proper db migration
> I'm happy to take a peek at the code too and make some adjustments,
> where is it?
> Steve
> On 4/29/2011 10:39 AM, Kai Krueger wrote:
>> On 04/29/2011 02:56 AM, Eugene Usvitsky wrote:
>>> * "Report an error" link to OpenStreetBugs
>> I'd like to mention that there is a (more or less) fully functional
>> implementation of the "Report an error" functionality at
>> http://openstreetbugs.dev.openstreetmap.org/
>> It is heavily modeled after the ideas of the original OSB (and uses
>> large parts of the client javascript written by Candid Dauth), but is
>> fully integrated into the rails_port. Apart from having the bugs
>> stored in the main OSM database, this also allows to hook into OSM's
>> user management to make it easier to keep track of your own bugs and
>> bug comments. This might make it easier to communicate between bug
>> reporter and mapper.
>> The Api was also slightly adopted from the original OSB API to be more
>> in line with the other rails APIs. It is mostly a rename, though, so
>> it shouldn't be difficult to adapt existing clients to the new API.
>> A year ago, when I did the bulk of the coding, I talked to Mitja
>> Kleider (the maintainer of the current OSB instance) about possible
>> transition strategies from the external OSB instance to the integrated
>> one once things are ready. He said it would probably be possible to
>> use the existing URLs as a proxy to not cause any disruption for
>> existing clients in the transition period and thus gracefully moving
>> over without any losses.
>> Tom has just agreed to have a look at the code and review it in the
>> next couple of weeks, so depending on what his review sais and how
>> much change and clean up is necessary, we might be able to see some
>> progress on this fairly soon.
>> If people have comments and suggestions on what can be improved, I'd
>> be grateful for any tips. However, my priority is on getting something
>> workable and usable actually deployed before adding too many new
>> features.
>> Kai
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