[OSM-dev] osm2pgsql slow on update import

Sven Geggus lists at fuchsschwanzdomain.de
Mon May 2 14:32:19 BST 2011

Markus Wagner <markus at mwagner.info> wrote:

> Is the data organization on the LVM comparable to a RAID-0 ?

The Linux RAID driver does not support SATA TRIM, thats why I'm using lvm

My setup is loosely based on this HOWTO:

So yes, this is more or less the same as Software RAID-0.

>> Two differences to the standard setup are a hstore column and that my
>> database is using lat/long instead of sperical mercator.
> Is this an advantage? Speedwise?

I did not change this on purpose, not for speed. Our database should be used
for other purposes than rendering (WFS) as well.


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