[OSM-dev] rails_port problem

Kirill Bestoujev bestoujev at gmail.com
Wed May 4 16:08:51 BST 2011

gem list shows libxm-ruby 2.0.4

I never thought that to different versions could exist at the same time 
installed by different apps. This one I think was installed by rake gems 
while installing rails port.

I'll try to downgrade and test.


On 04.05.2011 18:57, Tom Hughes wrote:
> On 04/05/11 15:56, Kirill Bestoujev wrote:
>> Synaptic shows me only ruby 4.5 metapackage and ruby1.8... I'll try to
>> uninstall them both and install 1.8 manually...
> Might be worth posting the output of "gem list" as well so we can see if
> there is anything unusual there.
> Tom

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