[OSM-dev] visible-Flag in PBF

Scott Crosby scott at sacrosby.com
Sat May 7 05:01:07 BST 2011

On Fri, May 6, 2011 at 8:58 PM, Scott Crosby <scott at sacrosby.com> wrote:

> Yes. If you want to create an incompatable hpbf (History PBF) format that is
> very similar to the existing PBF format. Encode the visible flag into the
> protocol buffers along the lines of Jochen's suggested patch, with a few
> small tweaks. Existing pbf code can support the new format with very minor
> changes. This would be an incompatible change because it is impossible to
> telling existing software to ignore nodes whose visibility is 'no'. They're
> there, and will be read. You'll need to indicate these files with a new
> required_features = "InvisibleFlag", and conforming software will reject the
> file.

I would like to elaborate on why this is incompatible. Its not because
existing PBF parsers won't be able to parse HPBF files. They will, and
they'd ignore the extra field indicating invisibility. But, as they
won't interpret the data correctly, I have to force the


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