[OSM-dev] Improving History and Monitoring

Mikel Maron mikel_maron at yahoo.com
Sat May 7 14:33:47 BST 2011


Who's interested in working to improve the usability of the History tab? What do 
you want to code?

I've started coding some improvements in the History Tab -- you'll notice a new 

Described a bit on my blog, http://brainoff.com/weblog/2011/05/05/1674

There are already some obvious places for improvement.

* "big" changesets are no longer marked, but that was useful. Want to find some 
non-obtrusive way of visually distinguishing them.
* would be nice to do a similar same thing with bots. Is there a bot flag in the 
* Need to set a minimum height on the map.
* If the extent of a changeset box is very small relative to the map, it's not 
visible. Could possibly show these as points below some ratio threshold.
* On the map, changeset is highlighted only on the border. If there are 
overlapping areas this is a problem. One possible solution is to add an 
additional invisible, thick border around each bbox.

In the bigger picture
* The real way to deal with big and bot changesets is to have this listing 
driving by OWL. What's needed to make that happen?
* I'm interested in exploring how incorporating our trust networks improves 
monitoring. For instance, could highlight friends vs non-friends in the listing.
* How could we incorporate more visualization tools directly, like ITOMapper?


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