[OSM-dev] would it be possible to have language specified in atom (and maybe rss2) feeds of blogs.openstreetmap.org?

Ken Guest ken at linux.ie
Sun May 8 14:10:41 BST 2011


Would it be possible to have the rss/atom feeds include which language
the aggregated blog entries are written in (as specified by the author
when tapping in an entry at http://www.openstreetmap.org/diary/new) -
looking at the source xml for the
http://blogs.openstreetmap.org/atom.xml feed at the least the xml:lang
attribute set to english.

This would be useful at the least so that anything which takes a feed
and reposts them to twitter/facebook/etc can filter out entries by
language and not seem to be 'spamming' in every language under the

Just as a small plug, I'm using http://rss.me (which is a free service
from my employers) to post those blog entries to identi.ca, facebook
and linkedin.



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