[OSM-dev] osm2shp converter & ferries

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon May 9 10:53:21 BST 2011


On 05/09/11 11:33, uffeK wrote:
> We have compiled the osm2shp converter by Frederik Ramm and have tried to
> extend it with additional fields, in order to include ferries.
> We call it this way, with the last 2 lines having been added:
>      shapefile_new(2, SHPT_ARC, "roads", 9,
>          "osm_id", FTInteger, 11,
>          "name", FTString, 48,
>          "ref", FTString, 16,
>          "type", FTString, 16,
>          "oneway", FTInteger, 1,
>          "bridge", FTInteger, 1,
>          "maxspeed", FTInteger, 3,
>          "route", FTString, 10,
>          "route_duration", FTString, 10);

That is not enough. The above does create the columns in the shape, but 
you will also have to fill them! Check the process_osm_way definition in 
the same file, and add something like (pseudocode)

if (way has route tag)
    extract route_duration;
    add row to "roads" shape with route and duration

Also make sure that you find the place where it adds roads to the shape, 
and provide empty values for the last two columns there.

> We can also see "route_duration" is sometimes tagged as "duration" for some
> ferries.

Since this is pure C code, you can easily write code that extracts 
"duration" and "route_duration" and writes to the shape whatever has a 

Note that osm2shp doesn't support relations; if you need to evaluate 
route relations (as opposed to just route=ferry tags), you will have to 
enhance osm2shp or choose another tool entirely.


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