[OSM-dev] rails_port seg. fault

Jaroslaw Wozny jaroslaw_wozny at poczta.onet.pl
Tue May 17 21:05:23 BST 2011


>interesting. i've just done a test with the latest git code (e120e59)
>and got no errors. unfortunately, my setup is different from yours:

I have also the latest (head version e120e59).

>> 187 tests, 2413 assertions, 3 failures, 0 errors

>what's your log/test.log? are you using the postgres extensions in

Ok. I have installed extra functions for PG and no fails on tests. But I 
have still problem with seg fault. Problem is repeated by two independent 
people on Ubuntu 11.04 (two different machines). Import is performed by 
bulk_upload.py. :(

Maybe something is specific in bulk_upload.py that shows problem during 
import? I don't know.

J. Wozny

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