[OSM-dev] How do clients use XAPI's XML attributes version, timestamp, uid, user and changeset?

Philipp Borgers borgers at mi.fu-berlin.de
Tue May 31 12:43:42 BST 2011

On Tue, 2011-05-31 at 10:41 +0200, Stefan Keller wrote:
> Hi,
> To all users/consumers of XAPI services: I'm thinking about some nice
> OSM services like a local JXAPI server (but also about other
> geospatial standards).
> To your knowledge, how much used are the XML attributes: version,
> timestamp, uid, user and changeset in the XAPI format (except for
> statistical and quality testing use cases)?
> I.e. does delivering such a thinned out XAPI format still make sense
> when these attributes are ommited?

Depends on the usecase. If you just want to display points and ways on
your map or process just the location data and tags a thinned output
makes sense. 

Perhaps our node.js implementation will support different database
schemas in the future. https://github.com/slomo/osm-spline-xapi



> Yours,
> Stefan
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