[OSM-dev] How do clients use XAPI's XML attributes version, timestamp, uid, user and changeset?

Peter Körner osm-lists at mazdermind.de
Tue May 31 10:01:03 BST 2011


Am 31.05.2011 10:41, schrieb Stefan Keller:
> To your knowledge, how much used are the XML attributes: version,
> timestamp, uid, user and changeset in the XAPI format (except for
> statistical and quality testing use cases)?

The XAPI is often used to do manually semi-automated edits. For example:
  * download all bus-stations in mainz
  * open the file in josm
  * ctrl-a
  * add an operator-tag
  * upload the changes

This can only work when at least the version is supplied, as the new 
items needs to be uploaded with version+1.


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