[OSM-dev] osm2pgsql and complex buildings

marqqs at gmx.eu marqqs at gmx.eu
Wed Nov 2 21:30:11 GMT 2011

Hi Jon,

thanks for reply!

> That combination should work. Can you provide the ID of the relation?

This is the relation after some tags have been removed by a filtering process:

$ grep -A 20 "1171285" gis_ey.osm
	<relation id="1171285" version="4">
		<member type="way" ref="4921003" role="outer"/>
		<member type="way" ref="28320933" role="inner"/>
		<member type="way" ref="28320932" role="inner"/>
		<member type="way" ref="28370921" role="inner"/>
		<member type="way" ref="28320934" role="inner"/>
		<member type="way" ref="28370989" role="inner"/>
		<member type="way" ref="28320936" role="inner"/>
		<member type="way" ref="28320938" role="inner"/>
		<member type="way" ref="28320937" role="inner"/>
		<tag k="amenity" v="hospital"/>
		<tag k="building" v="yes"/>
		<tag k="emergency" v="yes"/>

And the first way ("outer"):

$ grep -A 120 "id=\"4921003\"" gis_ey.osm
	<way id="4921003" version="12">
		<nd ref="32268451"/>
		<nd ref="249566053"/>
		<nd ref="249566054"/>
		<nd ref="249566055"/>
		<nd ref="249566056"/>
		<nd ref="32268451"/>

Background information: I'm trying to create a transparent layer with all emergency rooms.


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