[OSM-dev] complying with google/bing/yahoo geocoding terms of service

Michael Katz michaeladamkatz at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 3 21:21:00 BST 2011

In my OpenLayers application application, the user will have the option of using many types of basemaps: google, bing, yahoo, OSM, plus some custom types.

I see that in the terms of usage for google, bing, and yahoo, it says that geocoding results must be used with the corresponding map (e.g., results from google's geocoding service must be displayed in some way on a google map). I also see they all put a limit on the number of geocoding calls you can make per day.

Two questions about this:

(a) I'm trying to understand how strict the part about using the result on the corresponding map is. For instance, if my application offers all these various map types, including google, is that sufficient for using google geocoding results on *any* of the map types. Or would I have to use google geocoding only when the user has selected a google basemap, bing geocoding when the user has selected a bing basemap, and so on? If that's the case, what are my options for geocoding when OSM is the base map?

(b) I'm trying to understand whether the daily limits on the number of calls to the geocoding service are per machine or per application across all client machines. I think it must be the former, but it's not clear.

Thanks for any help.
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