[OSM-dev] Eigener OSM Server zeigt keine Karte im Browser

Peter Körner osm-lists at mazdermind.de
Tue Oct 11 17:10:38 BST 2011


Am 11.10.2011 17:05, schrieb Christian Chelius:
 > After I have created the folder and its permissions, my map is now
 > displayed in the browser. Everything works fine. Thank you.

That was easy ;)

 > I have two more questions:
 > a) How do I know when the map has finished rendering? Should the script
 > (tirex-status --extended) not terminate at some point and close by 

Tirex is rendering the tiles as you view them. A whole lot of possible 
tiles are never viewed (ocean at zoom-level 18) and would take up 
unneeded storage.

If you want tirex to pre-render all tiles (with berlin you can do), take 
a look at tirex-batch.

 > b) As a next step, I would like to provide a map of Europe. How much RAM
 > would you recommend for this?

Well, for the import I'd recommend at least 2G in slim-mode. For the 
rendering it depends on how much tiles you're about to render in 
parallel. I'd recommend to just try it out.


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