[OSM-dev] How to build and start a Plugin

Joerg Moldenhauer moldenhauer at cip.ifi.lmu.de
Thu Oct 27 16:24:53 BST 2011


as explained in my post yesterday, i try to develop a plugin for JOSM.

I created a little Test-Plugin that should do nothing more than enter the
string "Test" in the main-menu of JOSM.

Unfortunately the plugin isn't working. Here is, what i did: i build the
jar-file (testplugin.jar) using the build.xml and copied it to the
plugin-directory of my JOSM installation
(C:\Users\Joerg\AppData\Roaming\JOSM\plugins). Then I tried to start JOSM,
but this didn't work because of the testplugin.jar.

Maybe I made some mistake in building the jar. In the section "compile"
you have to enter the JOSM-Source, right? I entered the path of the
josm-costum.jar which I have created with the checked out JOSM in Eclipse
(classpath="C:\Users\Joerg\workspace\JOSM\dist\josm-custom.jar"). Of
course this is another JOSM, than my installed JOSM. Could this be the

Can somebody please tell me, how to build and start a JOSM-Plugin?

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