[OSM-dev] How to build and start a Plugin

Matthias Meißer digi_c at arcor.de
Thu Oct 27 16:48:23 BST 2011

Hi there Jörg,

well yes the setup step is a bit tricky.
What you need is the JOSM part (core) and all from the plugins SVN at 
the same folder (but not within each other).

Then you might need to setup the eclipse preferences (compiling josm 
core and add it to library path) and then you can just invoke the 
build.xml ant script, that does the copy process etc.

To start the plugin, you need to change the invoked main method by hand. 
Guess this wasn't possible within the Eclipse run config settings, but 
in the project files itself.

Hope you get it working

Am 27.10.2011 17:24, schrieb Joerg Moldenhauer:
> Hi,
> as explained in my post yesterday, i try to develop a plugin for JOSM.
> I created a little Test-Plugin that should do nothing more than enter the
> string "Test" in the main-menu of JOSM.
> Unfortunately the plugin isn't working. Here is, what i did: i build the
> jar-file (testplugin.jar) using the build.xml and copied it to the
> plugin-directory of my JOSM installation
> (C:\Users\Joerg\AppData\Roaming\JOSM\plugins). Then I tried to start JOSM,
> but this didn't work because of the testplugin.jar.
> Maybe I made some mistake in building the jar. In the section "compile"
> you have to enter the JOSM-Source, right? I entered the path of the
> josm-costum.jar which I have created with the checked out JOSM in Eclipse
> (classpath="C:\Users\Joerg\workspace\JOSM\dist\josm-custom.jar"). Of
> course this is another JOSM, than my installed JOSM. Could this be the
> problem?
> Can somebody please tell me, how to build and start a JOSM-Plugin?
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