[OSM-dev] Osmium updates

Jochen Topf jochen at remote.org
Mon Oct 31 13:28:18 GMT 2011


Osmium (wiki.osm.org/wiki/Osmium) is a flexible C++ framework for working with
OSM data.

I have just pushed some updates to the Osmium repository:
* Support for reading and writing .osc change files.
* Support for extracting all objects valid at a certain time or in a time
  range from the history file.
* Fixes in handling of "visible" attribute in PBF reader and writer. This did
  not work properly before, so you have to upgrade if you are working with
  history files.
* You can now store OSM objects in memory (reasonably) efficiently, this
  allows easier work with history data and its easier to apply change files
  this way. Note that I needed to make changes to the handler interface
  to allow this, so you'll need to change your handlers accordingly. They
  now take shared_ptr's of objects instead of simple pointers.
* Some small performance improvements in PBF reader and writer.
* Lots of other small fixes and cleanups here and there.

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