[OSM-dev] minute dumps

sly (sylvain letuffe) liste at letuffe.org
Wed Apr 4 15:56:00 BST 2012


> [1] They'll include changes by the background cleaning script so the
> diffs will be larger than usual.

This is interesting, is there any blog post/wiki page explaning this ?
(I read : http://blog.osmfoundation.org/2012/04/04/api-read-write-returns/ )

Sorry if I missed it, but is the redaction process ran as any ususal edit 
process ? is there an identified account all redaction is done with ?

Can I assume, that, after consumtion of all redacted diffs (in an osm2pgsql 
like scenario, ie : no history kept) my database only contains odbl licenced 
data in the end ?

Again, if all that is answered somewhere I missed, could you give me a pointer 
to it ?

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