[OSM-dev] Timestamp in PBF files

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Dec 3 20:54:59 GMT 2012


On 22.11.2012 00:18, Scott Crosby wrote:
> I think for Frederik's immediate needs, we should add a have a field
> called osmosis_replication_timestamp or osmosis_replication_state = 32,
> which contains a submessage containing a replication timestamp and other
> replication data that he feels is appropriate.
> As for the timestamp =18 field, Dennis, what was your intended use of
> this field?  Marqqs, what is the intended use of your timestamp
> optional_features field?

Since nobody has come forward with further requests, may I humbly 
suggest that we add three new fields:

a 64bit integer "osmosis_replication_timestamp" for the replication 
timestamp, expressed in seconds since the epoch, otherwise the same 
value as in state.txt's "timestamp=..." field;

a 64bit integer "osmosis_replication_sequence_number" for the 
replication sequence number (sequenceNumber=... in the state.txt file) 
which is, in practice, not required as Marqqs has explained but makes 
things easier for Osmosis, as Brett has explaiend;

a variable lenth string "osmosis_replication_base_url" that points to 
the directory from where replication files are loaded (baseUrl=... in 

It may make sense to have a start timestamp and start replication number 
in there as well but I don't have an immediate use case so I'm happy to 
defer that until there is one.

I've sent you a pull request on GitHub for this change but I'd like to 
stress again that I wouldn't mind if it were done differently, with 
other fields, other types, other IDs - main thing for me is that you 
give it the nod and add it to your OSM-Binary repo which I consider to 
be the "official" one. Once the stuff is in there I can go on and make 
patches for programs that use PBF files in some way. (Not sure if I'll 
come as far as Osmosis but we'll see.)


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